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What is ACCA Course ?


The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants – ACCA institute, formed in 1904 is the global expert accounting body offering the “Chartered Certified Accountant” qualification. ACCA is a quick-developing global accountancy business enterprise with 2,00,000 members and 4,86,000 college students in 180 countries.

As a globally diagnosed training and up-to-date/enterprise applicable content, ACCA qualification is an awesome manner to build a career in money owed and finance. College students can pursue this at the side of their commencement. Its bendy exam scheme makes this qualification extra appealing.

College students pursuing ACCA can:

  • Earn a degree/boost diploma in Accounting and business and move on to earn an ACCA Member repute.
  • Earn a BSc. (Hons) degree in implemented Accounting presented by way of Oxford Brookes College.
  • Get an MSc in expert Accountancy provided via the University of London.
  • Globally identified in over seventy-eight markets and has more than 80 international accountancy frame partnerships.

  • Communicates Credibility on the grounds that your skill ability is examined over 14 rigorous tests and is a high-quality way to provide a facet to your resume.

  • Well – Designed Curriculum that is constantly updated to broaden industry-relevant understanding, capabilities, and professional values.

  • It is a long-time profession in view that ACCA trains you to perform strategic roles at senior control stages.

  • General cost, at 2 to three Lacs, works out cheaper than to-be-had options..

Career Options


ACCA qualifications open more than one options at a huge variety of agencies because:

  • A holistic approach in curriculum trains you for various roles; you can cross on according to strategic tasks.

  • Multinational organizations inclusive of the massive four and a large wide variety of captives/KPOs are aware about the ACCA qualification for the reason that its participants/students are unfolded across 181 international locations.

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