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A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) supports corporations, organizations or individuals with tax and financial statement planning. Tasks performed by CPAs include studying financial records, preparing tax forms, and overseeing audits. CPAs must have an accounting degree and a CPA certification.

Benefits of CPA Certification:

CPA certification opens doors to a wide variety of accounting career options. Some major areas in accounting include; Assurance Services, Forensic Accounting, International Accounting, Internal & External Auditing, Tax & Financial Planning, Consulting Services, Forensic Accounting. CPA’s are the most sought after Professionals amongst the GCC countries & other part of the world. With global recognition, a CPA can always find the best place to work anywhere in world and a salary with at least 30 – 40% more than the other Accounting Professionals.

CPA Exam – Legend Education Center Details

The Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Pakistan has also introduced two new programs, one Certificate in Public Accounting and one Post Graduate Diploma in Public Accounting. 

One time registration i.e. once the student is registered in any program i.e. certificate or post graduate diploma or full CPA, he has to register once, and separate registration for each program would not be required.

  • The student would not be required to pay extra fee by joining these programs.
  • The aggregate fee would be the same, until the completion of CPA Program.
  • The student may enter/exit any program at any stage before completion of full CPA Program. He would have to pay only the Certificate/Post Graduate Diploma/CPA membership certificate fee.

Key Takeaways

  • A certified public accountant (CPA) must meet education, work, and examination requirements—including holding a bachelor’s degree in business administration, finance, or accounting, and completing 150 hours of education. 
  • Other requirements for the CPA designation include having two or more years of public accounting experience and passing the Uniform CPA Exam administered by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).
  • CPAs generally hold various positions in public and corporate accounting, as well as executive positions, such as the controller or chief financial officer (CFO). 

ACCA Exam Preparation

As a globally recognized education and updated/Industry relevant content, ACCA qualification is a great way to build a career in Accounts and finance. Students can pursue this along with their graduation. Its flexible examination scheme makes this qualification more attractive.

Get the best ACCA Exam preparation in Dubai from Legend Education Center with qualified and well experienced Trainers.

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  • Globally Recognized in over 78 markets and has more than 80 international accountancy body partnerships.
  • Communicates Credibility since your proficiency is tested over 14 rigorous exams and is a great way to give an edge to your resume.
  • Well Designed Curriculum that is continuously updated to develop industry relevant knowledge, skills and professional values.
  • Long Term Career since ACCA trains you to perform strategic roles at senior management levels.
  • Total Cost, at 2 to 3 Lacs, works out cheaper than available options.

Career Options

ACCA Qualifications open multiple options at wide range of organizations because:

  • Holistic approach in curriculum trains you for diverse roles; you can go on to per strategic tasks
  • Multinational organizations including the Big 4 and large number of captives/KPOs are aware of the ACCA qualification since its members/students are spread across 181

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CMA Exam Preparation course Details Exam information

CMA exam preparation: Get training on CMA at Legend Education Center at very reasonable cost. While the CPA qualification focuses on job tasks, like writing audit reports and preparing tax returns, the CMA certification targets management and executive-level duties.

 certified Management Accountant (CMA) is a professional certification credential in the management accounting and financial management fields. The certification signifies that the person possesses knowledge in the areas of financial planning, analysis, control, decision support, and professional ethics.

The certified management accountant (CMA) certification qualifies those who hold it to work in corporate financial accounting and strategic management settings. Professionals often choose this pathway because it covers topics not included in the certified public accountant (CPA) certification. While the CPA qualification focuses on job tasks, like writing audit reports and preparing tax returns, the CMA certification targets management and executive-level duties.

CMA Course Details

Examination Conducted by Institute of Certified Management Accountants- U.S.

Certification Issued by

Institute of Management Accountants- U.S.

International Recognition

  • Generally recognized in the employment market in UAE 
  • Recognized by ACCA Advanced entry level


Bachelor or Graduate degree in any discipline

Examination Center

Prometric centers in UAE: 
• Amid east, Knowledge Village, Dubai
• CERT Technology Park, Abu Dhabi


  • All subject contents in P1 & P2 will be tested up to level “C” (Advanced)
  • Essay questions will be 30 min. each
  • 70% on a scaled score basis.
  • Credit for the passed subject will be carried over for 3 years from registration.