Computerized Accounting - The Legend Educational Services Center

Tally accounting is designed to help you to better manage your books, your business & powerful business management

What you will learn:

  • Tally Accounting Software
  • QuickBooks
  • MS Office – Microsoft Office Applications
  • ICDL – International Computer Driving License
  • DBMS – Database Management System
  • Administrative Competencies – Interpersonal and Communication and Task Related Skills
  • Secretarial Proficiency – Reading, Writing, Listing and speaking skill, typing and website handling abilities, emails Etiquette.


Introduction & starting                             > voucher types/ contra entry

Quitting from tally                                     > purchases entry

The tally screen                                          > invoice/sales entry

Creating a new company                          > report

The gateway of tally                                   >Trial balance

Accounting features/ inventory features     > profit loss account

Creating / viewing /altering masters           > balance sheet 

Accounts information                                    > stock statement

Ledger creation, display & alter                   >inventory book

Inventory information                                    > day book

Creation inventory items                                >journal entry

Voucher creation                                           >adjusting entry